Thursday, October 6, 2011


  • Fixed a bug with some plugins not responding to parameter changes (some mda plugins)
  • Correctly update delay cables thickness
  • Added a font selector for the program list
Customize font

  • Added a "fast editor open/close" parameter
Faster program change needs more memory and cpu

  • Added a button to hide all the plugins windows
Clean up the mess


  1. great update, thanks! :D

    here's another thing i've noticed. the bypass/mute option is an awesome feature, but i have a little issue with the current implementation of bypass.

    when bypass is applied to a delay or reverb effect while there is still echoing, it seems like the plugin doesn't empty it's buffer. so when bypass is disengaged later on you will hear the tail of an old reverb or echo fading out.

  2. oh you're right, I always forget about delays... will fix that thing :)

  3. Sorry ^^ I had to take a break before getting sick of it :) I'll be back enventually.