Documentation : Panels and files

VstBoard is made of four panels, separated in two files

The "Setup file" contains the "Host panel"

The "Project file" contains the "Project panel", "Program panel" and "Group panel"

The "Bridges" allows communication between panels

The "Host panel" is in it's own file, the "Setup" file. You normally use it for you audio and midi interfaces

The "Project panel" is the fixed part of a project file. It's a good place for the "Host controller" or any plugin that will be used in all your programs

The "Program panel" is a programmable panel. Each program (listed in the right column) has it's own program panel

The "Group panel" is a programmable panel too. Each group (listed in the left column) has it's own group panel and it's own list of programs.

Setup and Project files :
If you work on more than one computer you may have different sound and midi interfaces; the Setup file is a bridge between the Project file and the hardware. This way the Project is not "hardware dependent", you can load it and modify it on any computer. Even if a plugin is missing : there will be no sound, but you can modify the project, save it, and send it back to the computer where the missing plugin was and it should work just fine. (this part is not very well tested though ^^ but it is the way it's supposed to work)

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