Sunday, August 21, 2011


A quick update while I'm finishing some changes on the background engine (as always, everything takes more time than expected ^^). This should solve some annoyances, of course there's still a lot to do and some of the bugs reported are not fixed yet (delay compensation, disappearing editor windows...)

  • Reaper now accepts more than one audio in/out
  • There's now two "edit modes" : 'cables' and 'value'
    • In 'cable' mode : dragging a pin will create a cable (you can still use the mousewheel to change a parameter value)
    • In 'value' mode : dragging a parameter pin will change it's value (fine-tune with ctrl, alt or shift, each modifier key multiply the precision by 10) Dragging an audio or midi pin will create a cable
    • You can select a mode with the shortcut keys 'E' and 'V' (*edit : it's 'C' and 'V')
  • New shortcuts :
    • To show the plugin editor : double click the plugin title, or press 'E'
    • Toggle the learning mode on/off with 'L'
Thanks for your suggestions / bug reports / support ! (please delete as appropriate :-) )

Monday, August 8, 2011


  • The panel content was sometime deleted after moving or copying programs
  • The optimizer was erroneously deleting some render nodes : some plugins ceased to work after a program change
  • The "render map" is only updated when something change
  • Kontakt was hanging when loading a file and no audio interface were opened
  • Program changes were not responding when the plugin was suspended by a host
  • ...let's call it a day

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Downloads issues

There's some issues with the Sourceforge mirror system : the download doesn't start or silently fails and you get a NSIS error while installing.
I'm testing Google Code right now, it's not a permanent home yet, but you can download the files from there :

Saturday, August 6, 2011


  • Added a handle to resize the window when VstBoard is loaded as a plugin
  • Fixed custom colors when loaded as a plugin
  • Fixed the Shell plugins loader


There's now two plugins dll : instrument and effect
Fixed a bug preventing a host to restore the saved state of VstBoard
Fixed some compatibility issues with Renoise and EnergyXT
Audio buffers are not clipped at 0db anymore

Thursday, August 4, 2011


fix for the last fix...
show all parameters if the plugin has no editor


  • Vcredist included, it doubles the size of the installer but who cares...
  • Dll and exe are not packed with mpress anymore (to avoid some antivirus warnings)
  • Better handling of "dynamically assigned parameters" (for GuitarRig, Kontakt,...)
  • Cutting edge : Windows XP compatible ! srsly.