Sunday, July 31, 2011


Fixed a bug when renaming a color preset


  • replacing an object can be undone
  • fixed undo for the automation object
  • the solver removes unused bridges from the rendering map
  • french localization updated

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


  • "Learned" parameters are now in the undo stack
  • Fixed an occasional crash when deleting plugins or scripts with an attached window

Monday, July 25, 2011


  • There's a new "undo stack" providing undo/redo support for :
    • the panels content (cables, plugins, ...), 
    • the programs (renaming, reordering, deletion...) 
    • but... nothing for the "objects" yet (parameters values and scripts modifications can't be undone)
  • Apparently (if everything works as expected), the solver should be able to handle any kind of crazy routing (loop-backs, stuffs like that) 
  • The "banks" browser is now a standard file browser
  • Better program manager
  • The file format has changed again, a little, and I didn't bother with backward compatibility
  • More keyboard shortcuts, everywhere 
    • Change a parameter value with the keyboard arrows (with Ctrl for smaller steps)
    • or by typing a number (0 to 9 => 0% to 90%) but the keyboard mapping must be localized, it will not work everywhere "out of the box"
    • Del to remove a "learned" parameter
    • Backspace to disconnect a pin
    • The standard copy/cut/paste/undo/redo/delete/... etc.

    The file browser

    Enhanced program list

    The Undo/Redo history

    Need more noise ? Feedback loops, just for fun

    More shortcuts

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011


    • Drag&drop a plugin over an existing one to connect them. The new plugin is inserted before or after. Hold Ctrl to connect it in parallel
    • When removing a connected plugin, cables are joined to fill the hole (the opposite of inserting ?) Hold Ctrl to simply remove the plugin and its connected cables
    • When focused, the cursor (the little triangles on the corner of every pin) becomes black and can be moved with the arrow keys (hold Ctrl for more precision)
    • When creating cable the temporary cable stay visible (while drag&drop'in)
    • Added a color picker in the appearance dialog
    • New context menus and shortcut keys everywhere
    • A "D" is added to the title of plugins currently using double precision buffers
    • Fixed some memory leaks and other bugs


    I'm late... Here's what -was- new in the 0.3.4 version :

    • Flush buffer of unused plugins if they're not immediately reused (delay plugins should work as expected now)
    • Added drag&drop support for project and setup files
    • Highligh a plugin when another one is dragged on top of it (signaling that it will be replaced)
    • Fixed some colors parameters in the appearance dialog
    • Fixed the default paths in the config dialog