Friday, January 28, 2011


The x64 version is crashing when packed with Mpress... I updated the win64 installer with unpacked files, the files are huge but that's not a big deal.

Double precision

VstBoard now supports 64-bit sample precision.

Sample format in the config dialog

Thursday, January 27, 2011


- Fixed some issues with the installer
- Found a way to translate the plugin dll
- And my first attempt at icon art :

Vstboard Icon

Inkscape scribblings

I'm not a huge fan of this one but it will do the trick for now

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The 64-bit version is available. Built for Windows Seven 64, untested on Vista and XP)

Setting up a 64bit Qt environment was pretty hard. It took me some time to compile the thing correctly and even more to realize that my problem was in fact a compiler bug (KB2280741) Problem solved ! And I learned one or two things about Qt in the process...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

v0.2.54 LeChunk

- Plugin's chunks are now saved in the project and setup files.
- As a plugin VstBoard supports chunks for itself too, the host can then save its state between sessions as well as the children plugins. (the windows state and other parameters are still saved in the registry, I think they should be saved in the setup file... maybe in the next release...)
- The new file format should allow backward compatibility from now on. I may not bother with this yet, except if asked, of course.

v0.2.48 : Host communication

- When used as a plugin, the host's timing (bpm and signature) is now relayed to the children plugins so they can keep in sync

- You can select a program with the host, the "plugin program" is shown in the VstAutomation tool as a pin and can be plugged to the host controller or anything else...
The "Prog" pin is the current program selected by the host
- New bridges pins : arrow shape for the direction, colors for the activity :
Bridges, a bit better now