Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In no particular order :
  • Support plugins with long parameter names
  • Added a "Delay Buffer" tool
  • Delay compensation mechanism : delay buffers are automatically added when needed. Ultimately the delay will be handled by the cable itself instead of adding objects. Not all cases are handled yet, and those objects are sometime annoying... work in progress
  • Drag&drop files is no longer case sensitive 
  • The number of threads is applied immediately
  • Added a TapTempo pin on the host controller. (A "tap" is counted when the value goes over 50%)
  • Fixed issues with some tap tempo plugins (Soma TapTempo, sonicassault Tap!, maybe others)
  • Fixed tempo speed when no audio interface is used
  • Parameter pins shows the value given by the plugin
  • "Dynamic" objects size, adjusted to the content
  • The programs were not always fully loaded (some objects were displayed but not rendered by the engine)
  • Some performances improvement, but not much
  • Fixed the audio config dialog, it used to open the first interface instead of the one selected


  1. First off, fantastic stuff! I really love this thing, and love it more that it's open source. I do have a question though, are there any plans for adding an "on-off" switch for each vst in the future? If not, it would make it much easier to use with a foot switch.

  2. Thanks ! Yes, I'm planning to add some sort of bypass/mute/sleep parameter, maybe in the next update if everything goes well.

  3. Awesome! I hope it does. Thanks for the great program, you saved me mountains of coding =D