Sunday, August 21, 2011


A quick update while I'm finishing some changes on the background engine (as always, everything takes more time than expected ^^). This should solve some annoyances, of course there's still a lot to do and some of the bugs reported are not fixed yet (delay compensation, disappearing editor windows...)

  • Reaper now accepts more than one audio in/out
  • There's now two "edit modes" : 'cables' and 'value'
    • In 'cable' mode : dragging a pin will create a cable (you can still use the mousewheel to change a parameter value)
    • In 'value' mode : dragging a parameter pin will change it's value (fine-tune with ctrl, alt or shift, each modifier key multiply the precision by 10) Dragging an audio or midi pin will create a cable
    • You can select a mode with the shortcut keys 'E' and 'V' (*edit : it's 'C' and 'V')
  • New shortcuts :
    • To show the plugin editor : double click the plugin title, or press 'E'
    • Toggle the learning mode on/off with 'L'
Thanks for your suggestions / bug reports / support ! (please delete as appropriate :-) )

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  1. nice. thanks for the update :D

    hugo vinagre \ hcv242