Monday, August 8, 2011


  • The panel content was sometime deleted after moving or copying programs
  • The optimizer was erroneously deleting some render nodes : some plugins ceased to work after a program change
  • The "render map" is only updated when something change
  • Kontakt was hanging when loading a file and no audio interface were opened
  • Program changes were not responding when the plugin was suspended by a host
  • ...let's call it a day


  1. How can i open a plugin interface?

  2. Use the mouse-wheel on the "Editor" pin. I will probably change that in a future version

  3. Thanks! Nice program, but it's hard to understand some features without a manual or something. Hope you'll work on it.

  4. yeah, a total lack of user friendliness :) It's getting better over time, slowly...

  5. Hey! I enjoy the quick program change and very great delay compensation.

    I mainly used it for "quick" Nebula FX browsing and linking in Reaper 4.
    But after a while, the "Editor:hide" mosewheel up no longer shows VST gui.
    I have to reopen the project to access plug-in GUI.

    The one has really great potential.
    There's no much VST chainer left with such great flexibility
    I presume with the midi link inside you can do much live control to the FXs.

    Great plug-in indeed :)

  6. Thanks ! I'll try to reproduce the bug with Nebula, which one are you using, what version ?

  7. Nebula 3 pro reverb.dll
    EXPERIMENTAL Upgrade Nebula3 Pro WIN x64 1.3.499n

    I also found the PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation) out of synch. The vstboard VST with nebula3Reverb.dll is out of synch with vstboard VST without nebula3Reverb.dll.

  8. Thanks to God for inspiring you to make this.
    It's mostly good, but the editor mousewheel show doesn't always work alright (the vst editor kinda disappears) - you better add an aditional item in the right click menu, or add a single additional button (right after Appearance animated button) Show Editor to show it for the currently selected vst plugin.

  9. Sorry, the mousewheel works, I thought it's necessary to press the mousewheel - then it's better to add a manual, the tutorial on this site is misleading.
    Also a plus would be a piano roll or tracker sequencer and attaching vst parameters to sound volume (maybe the script can do it) for dynamic effects.

  10. i am especially looking out for a vst host program that lets me edit parameters consistently via mousewheel, because in my case that significantly improves 'live' workflow.
    your program manages to do that fine, not to mention other issues, but (& there's always a but) tweaking is _far_ to coarse!

    how about a 'finer' default mode, a coarse 'ctrl'-mode + very fine 'shift'-mode? certainly would help me a lot, selfish as i am :-)

  11. Yes, I have to add a "mouse sensibility" parameter, or maybe one for each level of sensibility, I don't know yet. But i don't want to delay the next update too much, so it will probably be done in the following ones...
    sorry for the late answer :)