Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok, i'm not the chattiest person in the world... So, for those interested, here comes the news :
I worked a lot on vst3... my mistake, don't do that... ever. There's some good things in it but I still can't figure a way around the lack of raw midi messages. And I can't see the point, why the hell did Steinberg removed that obviously useful midi filtering capability ?

Anyway, the thing is : beside wasting my time, there's some improvement I'd like to extract from that -useless- vst3 version of vstboard. And, yes, I made that mistake : I thought that vst3 was going to be the next standard anyway so I jumped into it blindly, adding other improvements in the process, and merging all that in a new version -and there's a vst2 wrapper anyway !- So I thought I was safe... what a mistake ^^ Of course, because I'm a not-so-good-hobbyist programmer, all that spaghetti code is inter-dependent, and extracting the good parts from the bad mess could be time consuming.

I usually jump on a task and work on it full-time until exhaustion, boredom or death. Unfortunately, this time, nothing releasable came out of it soon enough. After the -sick of it all- threshold, I usually drop the project entirely and spend 100% of my time on /anything/ else (mostly nothing) It's an endless -too much-, -nothing at all-, -too much again- loop and I'm right in the -nothing at all- part of it ('m fine, thanks for asking !) and can't predict when the -too much- part will kick back in again. But I suppose it will, eventually? Maybe tomorrow, or the year after... I'm not planning anything.

So by the meantime I encourage you to explore the enormous amount of very good, and sometime free, vst hosts out there. I think the idea behind VstBoard "panels" is quite unique (yeah, I'm proud of it), but the execution is... so-so... and will never be stable or optimized enough (still proud of it though, in a "not bad for a noob" way !) And if you find an alternative, some sort of "Cantabile mixed with Hermann's host" monster : please comment, links are welcome !

I'm still amazed by the good reviews and all the suggestions. Thanks for that, and to all those who downloaded that thing and gave it a try, I appreciate !

'til next time...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


A little, but long due, update :
  • Bypass/mute now flushes the audio buffers (preventing delays from playing the remaining buffers when turned back on)
  • Suppressed a click noise on mute/unmute
  • Audio devices configuration can be opened when the device is in use (Audio streams are suspended if needed. For Asio interfaces : you may have to update the device list afterward to rebuild new buffers)
  • Added a button in the toolbar to always open the selected plugin gui
  • Dragging a bank file (fxp or fxb) on a container will load the corresponding plugin (you'll have to load the plugin one time to add it to the database)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


  • Fixed a bug with some plugins not responding to parameter changes (some mda plugins)
  • Correctly update delay cables thickness
  • Added a font selector for the program list
Customize font

  • Added a "fast editor open/close" parameter
Faster program change needs more memory and cpu

  • Added a button to hide all the plugins windows
Clean up the mess

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Fixed a bug with delay cables
Fixed an old issue causing random crashes
Faster program change

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well... v0.5.3 is dead, long live v0.5.4
Fixed a bug for plugins hooligans who don't respect the vst specifications... sabotage !