Documentation : Short tutorial

Drag and drop an audio interface on the setup panel

 Drag&drop to create cables (double click on a connection to remove a cable)

Drag&drop a vst plugin on the program panel

Drag&drop to connect it

Switch to program 2

Unused plugins are stored in this list(If a plugin is not used in any program, it will be unloaded at the next program change)

Drag&drop another plugin on the program panel, connect it

You can now switch back and forth between prog1 and prog2

Use the mouse wheel to change a parameter value : show the plugin's window with the "Editor" parameter

Activate the "Learn mode" (mouse wheel over the "learn" pin)
(there's also an "Unlearn mode", we don't need it yet)

A parameter pin is added for every knob you move

Drag&drop a midi input on the host panel

 Drag&drop a "midi to parameter" module on the program panel (it's in the "Tool" list)

 Connect the midi input to the "midi to parameter"

 Switch the "midi to parameter" module in learning mode and move a knob on your controller : the corresponding parameter pin is added

 Connect this new pin to one of the plugin's parameter

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