Thursday, February 3, 2011

v0.2.81 Multiselect

Multiple selection everywhere :
Copying multiple programs in a new group
Drag&drop multiple "parked" plugins

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  1. Anonymous said...

    First of all thanks for sharing this treasure : )

    And here's my little question:

    I see that automation object has ports for both incoming and outgoing signal. But where do you connect the ones for the outgoing signal?

    For example the objects representing VST plugins have automation inputs that accept signal from the Automation object. But it seems they don't have automation outputs (or I can not find), ie when you tweak a knob of a plugin on its own interface, this operation is not received by the DAW. Thus formerly recorded automation track/curve on the DAW (in my case Reaper) gets zeroed if I don't disarm it immediately after recording.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong but what? : )